At Smart Steps Accounting we are an accounting firm that is a little bit different to what many have come to expect from accountants. Sure we know our stuff but we’re not the sterile and clinical firm that is looking after their bottom line – we’re just looking after yours! We pride ourselves on being a small accounting business with a down to earth approach and personalised service. We make sure that you deal directly with your accountant and that you are not just a number!

As a team we aim to please by implementing a service orientated management structure; a unique, horizontal model that allows you to deal directly with the accountant who actually works on their accounts. For the larger clients we have two accountants who get to know the client’s affairs so that if the accountant they normally deal is unavailable they can talk to the other accountant. In larger firms there are numerous staff under each partner and therefore more people are involved in one job so there is a risk of loss of quality in the finished product as issues can be overlooked and increased costs as the job is reviewed multiple times.

The partners know how to work together effectively and efficiently and all agree that the client can get more out of their accountant with a solid focus on service.
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